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Tesoro; Pepe Mar’s Love Letter to the Frost

Animals Out of Paper

TAGS: Theater
Thru Sun 08/07/2022

Animals Out of Paper By Rajiv Joseph
Directed by Tatiana Baccari
Ilana, a world-renowned origami artist, is going through a divorce, her dog has run away, and she hasn’t answered her phone in two months. Then her intercom buzzes and in walks Andy, a fan, a high school teacher who counts his blessings. Literally — he’s up to 7,904. Andy introduces Suresh, an urban teen iPod addict and origami prodigy, into Ilana’s life, and the plot folds really get complicated.

Price $18+

Venue Jobsite

Address 1010 N Macinnes Pl

Phone Number 813.229.7827

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