History of Diving Museum

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History of Diving Museum

Dive Into Art: FantaSea

History of Diving Museum to open Dive Into Art: FantaSea, the fourth collaborative art show with the Museum and Art Guild of the Purple Isles (AGPI). The exhibit and art show will encompass fantasy elements tied to the ocean: mermaids, pirates, sea monsters and more, as well as literary themes such as fairy tales, fantastical poems and epics.

The exhibit will feature art made by AGPI members as well as art created by students at eight different Monroe County schools, making this exhibit the largest collaboration to date. The student art ranges from sculptural hard cover books to giant story panels. Following the close of the Museum’s exhibition, these books will be on display at Monroe County Libraries as a traveling exhibit.

The museum will celebrate the exhibit opening with a virtual launch and Zoom presentation with Captain Laurel Seaborn about Sirens and Pirate Wenches.

Email programs@divingmuseum.org to register. FantaSea will be open through April 20th. Come imagine fantastical underwater worlds through community art! 

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