Why Hiring a Public Relations Company Isn’t Always Cost-Effective

When you hire a Public Relations (PR) company you can expect certain things for your dollars spent. For example, they will write a nice story about the good your company is doing in the community, or about your latest innovation. They will distribute the press releases to any number of publications.

But that does not, in anyway, guarantee that your story gets published. In fact, every publication receives far more press releases than they will ever print.

People think of PR as "free" media. While you don't pay for the space a story runs in, there is the cost of the PR firm to consider. And the fact that publication ultimately controls the story. As the subject matter you have no say in the editorial slant.

And the bottom line is that no amount of paid advertising or free media will get results unless it reaches the right target audience for your production.

So when you choose a Public Relations firm, what do you need to look for? You want to choose an agency that knows how to get in front of the people who are good prospects for your events. You want an agency that has connections to relevant news portals, that is, relevant for your audience.

How does CultureOwl work with Public Relations agencies?

Of course, we always want good stories and easy access to information and images, which PR agencies can provide. We appreciate partnering with a firm that understands our platform and its power, and will work with us on all aspects of promoting an event or an organization. This is a two-way street; our audience wants good content, and agencies want to put their content out to an engaged audience.

Many agencies just write the press releases and send it out to all of their media contacts, and hope that something gets published. But it's not a game of darts. There needs to be a thought process as to how a story is pitched and why. The agencies that understand the process and value the partnerships are the ones on our radar. So much relevant news is pitched on a regular basis, that even when information is high caliber, and truly newsworthy, it may take a personal relationship to get it onto the news page.

Know who you're hiring. Know the relationships they bring to the table.

When it comes to pitching stories to CultureOwl, if you know the story is right for our platform, and right for our audience, no PR firm is necessary. Perhaps hiring a writer and pitching it yourself is a more cost-effective way to go.

Email Us if you wish to pitch a story.

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