Manero’s Restaurant
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Manero’s Restaurant

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Manero's® Restaurant, Palm City, Florida. Operated by the third generation of the multiple Manero's® Steakhouses and Restaurants in the northeast and Florida. We have a wide selection of delicious menu items including the original Gorgonzola salad, the area’s best prime rib, our famous over-poured Dividend drinks, fresh seafood and hand-cut and selected steaks, sandwiches, burgers, flatbread pizzas and more. Our founding family members pioneered much of what has become today’s full service upscale-casual independent restaurant. Dating back to the early 1940’s, the Manero family has developed a reputation for consistent, quality products and personalized, high levels of service. Manero’s® is comfortable for casual meals or full service dining, family dinners, date nights and conducting business.

Address2851 SW High Meadow Ave
Palm City, FL 34990 Map

Phone Number772.220.3011

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