collaboARTive and InterContinental Miami Launch The Gallery Lounge

collaboARTive and InterContinental Miami Launch The Gallery Lounge

Miami, FL – The InterContinental Miami, in partnership with collaboARTive, Inc., is thrilled to introduce an exciting new Pop-Up Gallery Space, showcasing the vibrant works of Noche de Arte’s May Artist in Residence, Xena Felicia.

Uncover the intricate myriad of colors that captures the pulse of Miami’s contemporary art scene, with a focus on feminist themes through Xena’s dynamic oeuvre. From cartoonish imagery to abstract Chinese paintings, Xena’s diverse artistic portfolio stands as a testament to her immense talent and innovative spirit. This special event invites all curators and arts journalists to experience this exquisite gallery firsthand. Join us for an interview with Xena Felicia and engage in insightful conversations with collaboARTive's visionary founders, Jean and Ignacio Font, to delve into the development of the collaboARTive program and the promising prospects of the 2024-25 season.

Xena, a graduate of the University of Miami and Central Saint Martins, straddles the realms of traditional and contemporary, melding abstract Chinese ink technique with futurism to formulate a unique artistic language. Her work encapsulates a spectrum of themes ranging from the pressing issue of climate change to Eastern philosophy and divinatory knowledge, offering both a visual feast and intellectual stimulation for the viewers.

The Pop-Up Gallery Space is set to feature Xena's Blue Planet 3099 series, an evocative projection of the year 3099 when rising sea levels, induced by global warming, have considerably engulfed the land. This thought-provoking series serves as a commentary on the present environmental predicament and humankind’s role within it.

We cordially invite you to immerse yourself in Xena's multifaceted artistry, celebrate the diversity of Miami’s art culture, and engage in dialogues about the future of our planet, all within the contemporary confines of InterContinental Miami.

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