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Tesoro; Pepe Mar’s Love Letter to the Frost

OUTSIDER ART; UNVEILING HIDDEN ART MASTERS - opening reception and exhibit

Thru Sat 09/10/2022

NAEMI, in collaboration with -The ArtSpace @ I’ve Been Framed, Inc, (https://ivebeenframedmiami.com/) is proud to announce an exhibition featuring exclusive art from the permanent collection at NAEMI (National Arts Exhibitions of the Mentally Ill, Inc).

“Outsider art” refers to incredibly unique works produced by artists who haven’t been formally trained in art, work outside the artistic mainstream, and hold unconventional world views. Sometimes called Art Brut, outsider art finds its origins in the collections of 19th-century European psychiatric hospitals where doctors analyzed the work clinically. Many but not all outsider artists suffer from mental illnesses, with social isolation and traumatic experiences often informing the works displayed.

NAEMI is dedicated to discovering, studying, promoting, exhibiting, and preserving the works of
artists struggling with mental illnesses throughout the world. Partnering with ArtSpace will help NAEMI to continue its work and achieve its objectives: the creative development of artists recovering from mental illnesses, advocacy for the arts and people with disabilities.

Price FREE

Venue The ArtSpace @ I've Been Framed

Address 729 SW 8th Street

Phone Number 305.373.5767

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