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Tesoro; Pepe Mar’s Love Letter to the Frost


Thru Thu 06/30/2022

South African Architecture studio SAOTA presents LIGHT SPACE LIFE .
The exhibition follows the launch of SAOTA’s first monograph. Presenting memorable and distinctive residences selected from its wide-ranging global output, the book celebrates thirty-five years of innovative residential design from Lagos to Los Angeles, including houses from the dramatic South African coast where it all began.
More than just a showcase of the studio’s projects, the exhibition explores the synthesis of three core ideas within the work that has established SAOTA as an integral part of the global architectural landscape. LIGHT - The energy that is crucial to human life is also the force that renders form, allowing the observer to perceive color, texture, and space. SPACE - The manipulation of space and the definition of the sequence in which it is experienced has always been one of the architect’s primary tools. SAOTA’s architecture blends and shares space, blurring the division between elements; be it internal or external, sometimes extending to the horizon, or to the sky, to create buildings that invite a powerfully emotive response. LIFE - SAOTA creates architecture that understands human needs extend beyond just the requirement for shelter. They are stages for entertaining, for sharing, for rest, for families and for contemplation.

SAOTA is led by Stefan Antoni, Philip Olmesdahl, Greg Truen, Philippe Fouché, Mark Bullivant, Roxanne Kaye, and Logen Gordon, and has designed luxury residential and commercial projects on six continents. With reference to South African Modernism, and a grounding in the international style, its projects take advantage of wildly beautiful settings and are rooted in place by the relationship between the building and its site. The practice cites the spirit of enquiry and close examination of function and form as hallmarks of its work, as well as the use of the most current technology, including virtual reality, in its design processes.

Price FREE

Venue The Miami Center for Architecture & Design

Address 310 SE 1st St

Phone Number 305.448.7488

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