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Tesoro; Pepe Mar’s Love Letter to the Frost

Flamenco Beginners

Thru Mon 12/19/2022

I. Pre-registration required II. Please call, text or write for information and directions 786 320 6982 panmiami@aol.com III. Classes consist of one hour of technique and one hour of choreography. Technique includes: Zapateado (footwork) Braceo (arms) Castañuelas (castanets) Marcajes (marking steps) Other basic steps and variations Choreography develops over time to include: Sevillanas Fandangos Bulerías Tangos Alegrías Soleá Seguiriyas Clasico español Ask for Class Card and Offers

Price $30

Time 7:30pm-9:00pm

Venue Ballet Flamenco La Rosa Studios

Address 74 NE 150 St.

Phone Number 786.877.3421

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