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A Sunday Afternoon with French Romantic and Contemporary Organ Music

Sun 01/23/2022

The FIU School of Music will showcase the Sydell Ida Wertheim Concert Organ at the Herbert and Nicole Wertheim Performing Arts Center Concert Hall on Sunday, January 23, 2022 at 4:00pm. The program will feature faculty organist Dr. Kamilla Szklarshka Kent along with members of the Miami Community Brass Choir and Conductor Alain Rodriguez.

The Sydell Ida Wertheim Organ is the spotlight of the performing arts center. The prestigious 125 year old Schantz Organ Company took nearly a year to build the 26-ton organ that is the largest in Miami-Dade County and one of the most technologically advanced in the country. It features a solid-oak console with four manual keyboards and a pedal clavier that controls its 4,255 pipes.

Price FREE

Time 4:00

Venue The Wertheim Concert Hall

Address 10910 S.W. 17th Street

Phone Number 305.348.0496

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