Pompano Beach Arts Fall Exhibitions

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Pompano Beach Arts Fall Exhibitions

The Pompano Beach Cultural Center launches the new art season with two bold exhibitions. I Don’t Care is a celebration of pop culture through the lens of Latin American artists, curated by the Latin American Art Pavilion. While A Subtext of Context: Works by Roy Wiemann reveals the artist’s inner thoughts through text-infused works. 

“We are delighted to have the Latin American Art Pavilion return to the Pompano Beach Cultural Center with another brilliant show,” said Phyllis Korab, Director, Cultural Affair Department. “I Don’t Care is a colorful and modern take on Pop Art’s continued influence on our culture.”

I Don’t Care, which features artworks by Latin American artists including Luis Cabrera, Cesar Beltran, Micky Goldstein, Julio Molina, Sami AKL, Teo Beceiro and Marcela Solana is part of the Center’s celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. The exhibition which runs until January 5, 2022, showcases the vision of contemporary artists who are moved by the coldness of pop language.

Pop Art is inspired by the aesthetics of everyday life and consumer goods of the time. It is an artistic movement that proclaims, "look around you, see the moment you live and express it.” Being free thinkers and irreverent social entities are traits that characterized this artistic movement. Pop Art continues to express itself today in 2021 after 70 years of creation because it continues to offer the artist the ability to incorporate his immediate concern with a diaphanous and popular language without intellectual pretensions. It is an art that is still alive and well. 

A Subtext of Context: Works by Roy Wiemann runs through January 5, 2022. The Florida-based artist presents a series of artworks that reflect very private recollections in a discreet way, inserting text into the artwork as part of the image to associate with the original experience. These words, pulled from personal notes, e-mails, journals and even literature, are made visible in his art through a number of ways such as silk screen, collage or even simply handwritten on the surface. 

“As this textual aspect of my art has developed into more of a focus, I intentionally obfuscate parts of these words to hopefully draw the viewer into the work; not only to make sense of these seemingly obscure passages but also to have them open up about themselves while exploring and interpreting the art,” stated Wiemann, who spent over 30 years as a successful illustrator working for a wide array of corporate clients. This diverse roster includes American Express, the Guggenheim, HBO, the New Yorker, the Smithsonian, and Steinway & Sons among many others. Between the deadlines, Wiemann continued painting and exhibiting his fine art in the city. 

The opening reception is Friday, October 8 from 6pm-8pm. The event is free and open to the public. For more information about the exhibitions and viewing times, please visit www.pompanobeacharts.org.

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