Season Kickoff!

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Season Kickoff!

“Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone."-Joni Mitchell

We have lived through the unimaginable. No one can see every show or performance they want to, but who could’ve imagined having zero options to attend? As someone who looks to CultureOwl for cultural things to do, it’s extremely likely that you are someone who craves live performances. And after last year’s crushing cancellations, chances are you—and performers—are happier about this season’s arrival than any other before!

George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker®

We haven’t forgotten that being part of an audience is it’s own experience, in addition to the performance. The virtual world allows us to experience things on our own schedule—a live performance waits for no one! The anticipation, wearing that special something, being part of a crowd, dining out; these are activities that spark a unique joy for most of us, one that’s been sorely missed. But this season is giving us plenty to get excited about. 

Annie, Area Stage Co.

The arts in 2021-22 are off to a slower start. After all, we’re still navigating through our new reality. But companies that have already announced their season include Florida Grand Opera, Broadway Across America-Fort Lauderdale, Slow Burn Theatre Co., Miami City Ballet, and Area Stage Company. The choices are a bit more mainstream, so proven favorites abound, including an astounding number of choices for The Nutcracker.

The exchange of energy between performers and audience is not reproducible any other way. A spectacular performance that bonds audience members is a once-only event. Cultural arts feed the soul like nothing else can. It’s time to attend again!

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