Inffinito Brazilian Film Festival

Inffinito Brazilian Film Festival

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The Inffinito Brazilian Film Festival is back and for the first time ever, will stream more than 100 Brazilian productions in U.S. territories, from Puerto Rico to Alaska. This is the first time in the United States that audiences beyond Miami and New York will have access to the best films made recently in Brazil and explore the country’s culture through the art of cinema from the comfort of their homes.

The program includes fiction and documentary feature films produced and released in 2019/2020, as well as short films, indigenous filmmakers productions, past festival winners and black films, all with English subtitles.

A pioneer in promoting Brazilian cinema all over the world, the Inffinito Brazilian Film Festival has been held for 24 consecutive years in cities such as Miami, New York, London, Vancouver, Rome, Milan, Frascati, Madrid, Barcelona, Montevideo, Buenos Aires and Bogotá. With a total of 84 festival editions, the circuit has shown more than 1000 films, connecting Brazilian audiovisual productions to an unbounded audience outside of Brazil.

This year, Inffinito is innovating by holding the Inffinito Brazilian Film Festival 2020 on the streaming platform, created exclusively by the company. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the outdoor screenings, a trademark of Inffinito festivals, will take place in Miami on September 26 in drive-in format, and in a park setting in New York on October 24 and 25 (location TBD), following all safety guidelines. Starting in November, after the festival, the platform will launch a catalog of Brazilian films available via VOD (video on demand) by monthly subscription in the U.S. 

From September 28 to October 23, more than 100 films selected for the competitive screening, as well as hors concours titles will be available for American viewers, who will also be able to watch a special selection of films, including black films, indigenous films and movies by filmmaker Daniel Filho, Inffinito’s honoree 2020. "By streaming our festivals, we are contributing to the safety of our audience, industry professionals, and our entire team, in addition to creating a new opportunity to broadcast our productions throughout the United States", says Adriana L. Dutra, director and founder of Inffinito, alongside Claudia Dutra and Viviane Spinelli.

The 2020 edition of the Inffinito Brazilian Film Festival at will be held in 11 virtual theaters with eight exhibition theaters, one theater for talk sessions with film directors, one masterclass theater, one live streaming theater, as well as parties and awards night on Inffinito's social networks. Tickets and full program are available at  



September 26

CINE DRIVE-IN at Dezerland Park Miami

6:00pm – starts the event with DJ Lupa and films selection announcements

7:30pm - screening of the film Abe, by Fernando Grostein Andrade 

Dezerland Park - 14401 NE 19th Ave, North Miami, FL 33181

September 27

NORTH BEACH BANDSHELL - Miami Beach (event online) 

7:00pm - starts the event with DJ Lupa, local band and films selection announcements

8:00pm - screening of documentary A Journey Thru Rio’s Street Parade, by Adriana L. Dutra 



Burning Night (BREVE MIRAGEM DE SOL), by Eryk Rocha

Death Inhabits at Night (A MORTE HABITA À NOITE), by Eduardo Motoró

Slits (FENDAS), by Carlos Segundo

Mercy (PIEDADE), by Cláudio Assis

O Juízo (O JUIZO), by Andrucha Waddington

Ophelia's death (VOU NADAR ATÉ VOCÊ), by Klaus Mitteldorf

Our Chidren (AOS NOSSOS FILHOS), by Maria de Medeiros

Pureza (PUREZA), by Renato Barbiere

Rodantes (RODANTES), by Leandro Lara

The Friendly Man (O HOMEM CORDIAL), by Iberê Carvalho

Three Summers (TRÊS VERÕES), by Sandra Kogut

Through Ernesto’s Eyes (AOS OLHOS DE ERNESTO), by Ana Luiza Azevedo


Adoniran: My Name is João Rubinato (ADORINAN, MEU NOME É JOAO RUBINATTO), by Pedro Soffer Serrano

Departure (PARTIDA), by Caco Ciocler

Dorival Caymmi, Black to Blue (DORIVANDO SARAVÁ, O PRETO QUE VIROU MAR), by Henrique Dantas

I Owe You a Letter About Brazil (FICO TE DEVENDO UMA CARTA SOBRE O BRASIL), by Carol Benjamim

Jair Rodrigues – Let Them Talk (JAIR RODRIGUES – DEIXA QUE DIGAM), by Rubens Rewald

Let it Burn (DIZ A ELA QUE ME VIU CHORAR), by Maíra Bühler

Samba is The Cousin of Jazz (SAMBA É PRIMO DO JAZZ), by Angela Zoé

Say My Name (DIGA MEU NOME), by Juliana Chagas Gouveia

Talking Heads (LUGAR DE FALA), by Felipe Nepomuceno

The Last Audition (A ÚLTIMA GRAVAÇÃO), by Célia Freitas and Isabel Cavalcanti

The Welles Raft (A JANGADA DE WELLES), by Firmino Holanda qnePetrus Cariry

With Open Eyes (DE OLHOS ABERTOS), by Charlotte Dafol


Carlota Joaquina, Princess of Brazil (CARLOTA JOAQUINA, PRINCESA DO BRASIL), by Carla Camurati

The Battle of Shangri-la (A BATALHA DE SHANGRI-LA), by Severino Neto and Rafael de Carvalho

Bad Honey (A COLMEIA), by Gilson Vargas

Liz’s Wait (A ESPERA DE LIZ), by Bruno Torres

The Father’s Shadow (A SOMBRA DO PAI), by Gabriela Amaral Almeida

Boni Bonita (BONI BONITA), by Daniel Barosa

Macho Man (CARLINHOS E CARLÃO), by Pedro Amorim

The Messenger of the Peace (Divaldo – O Mensageiro da Paz), by Clóvis Mello

Domingo (DOMINGO), by Clara Linhart and Fellipe Gamarano Barbosa

Tropical Fado (FADO TROPICAL), by Cavi Borges

Lament (LAMENTO), by Diego Lopes and Cláudio Bittencourt

My Mom is a Character 3 (MINHA MÃE É UMA PEÇA 3), by Susana Garcia

Us by Us (NÓIS POR NÓIS), by Aly Muritiba Jandir Santin

The Last Dinner (O BANQUETE), by Daniela Thomas


Amazônia Groove (AMAZÔNIA GROOVE), by Bruno Murtinho

Amazônia Undercover (AMAZÔNIA SOCIEDADE ANÔNIMA), by Estevão Ciavatta

Axé Family (FAMÍLIA DE AXÉ), by Tetê Moraes and Rosane Hatab

DNA Abdelmassih (DNA ABDELMASSIH), by Luis Claudio Latgé

Foreing Soldier (SOLDADO ESTRANGEIRO), by José Joffily and Pedro Rossi

Landless (CHÃO), by Camila Freitas

Lovely Clownettes (ADORÁVEIS PALHAÇAS), by Ricardo Chreem

Seeds of Brazilian Music (SEMENTE DA MÚSICA BRASILEIRA), by Patrícia Terra

The Second Encounter (O SEGUNDO ENCONTRO), by Veronique Ballot


Ara Pyau - Guarani Spring (Ara Pyau – Primavera Guarani), by Carlos Eduardo Magalhães

My Blood is Red (MEU SANGUE É VERMELHO), by Graciela Guarani and Guilherme Bolliger


Ãjãí: the headball game of the Myky and Manoki (Ãjãí: o jogo de cabeça dos Myky e Manoki), by Typju Myky and André Lopes

Messages from the Earth (mensagens da Terra), by Maria Pankararu

Our Soul Has no Color (Nossa Alma não tem cor), by Alexandre Pankararu

TEKO HAXY – Being imperfect (Teko Haxy – SENDO IMPERFEITO) by Patricia Ferreira Pará Yxapy and Sophia Pinheiro

The Spirits Just Understand Our Language (Os espíritos só entendem o nosso idioma), by Cileuza Jemjusi, Robert Tamuxi and Valdeilson Jolasi

The Word Became Flesh (O verbo se fez carne), by Ziel Karapotó

Until The End Of The World, (Até o fim do mundo), by Juma Gitirana Tapuya Marruá

Weaving Our Paths (Tecendo nossos caminhos), by Marta Tipuici, Cledson Kanunxi and Jackson Xinunxi


Last Abolition (A Última Abolição), by Alice Gomes

Lost (A Ilha), by Glenda Nicácio and Ary Rosa

My Friend Fela (MEU AMIGO FELA), by Joel Zito Araújo

Restless (Sem Descanso), by Bernard Attal

Servitude (SERVIDÃO) by Renato Barbieri

Tranny Fag (BIXA TRAVESTI), by Kiko Goifman and Claudia Priscilla


Amani’s Veil (O Véu de Amani), by Daniela Marinho

Amnestia (Amnestia), by Susanna Lira

Angela (ANGELA), by Marília Nogueira

Borá (Borá), by Angelo Defanti

Charcoal (CARVÃO), by Miguel Góes and Victor Vasconcellos

Copacabana – Auschwitz (Copacabana – Auschwitz), by Jaiê Saavedra

Dela (Dela), by Bernard Attal

Folds (Dobras), by Cristian Borges, Pedro Nishi and Francisco Miguez

Hunter (Caçador), by Leonardo Sette

I Bleed (Sangro), by Tiago Minamisawa and Bruno H Castro

Lispector and I (LISPECTOR & EU), by Ricardo Chreem

Love at Twenty (Amor aos Vinte Anos), by Toti Loureiro and Felipe Poroger

Me, my Mom and Wallace (Eu, Minha Mãe e Wallace), by Eduardo Carvalho and Marcos Carvalho

Moms don't cry (Mãe não chora), by Carol Rodrigues and Vaneza Oliveira

Summer Ball (Baile), by Cíntia Dommit Bittar

The Hooligan Soul (Alma Bandida), by Marco Antônio Pereira

The King Crab (Caranguejo Rei), by Matheus Faria e Enock Carvalho

The Lareokotô Era (A Era de Lareokotô), by Rita Carelli


Cazuza, by Walter Carvalho and Sandra Werneck

Chico Xavier, by Daniel Filho

Cousin Basílio, by Daniel Filho

If I Were You 2, by Daniel Filho

If I Were You, by Daniel Filho

O Casal, by Daniel Filho

Owner of the Story, by Daniel Filho

Story of Fausta, by Bruno Barreto

The Kiss, by Bruno Barreto

Time of Peace, by Daniel Filho


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