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  • Art Beat Miami
  • Art Miami
  • Art Basel Miami Beach
  • Context Art Miami
  • Design Miami
  • Fridge Art Fair
  • Ink Miami Art Fair
  • Miami River Art Show
  • Nada Art Fair
  • Red Dot Miami
  • Pinta Miami
  • Satellite Art Show
  • Scope Miami Beach
  • Spectrum Miami
  • Untitled Miami Beach
  • Jewish Museum of Florida Inc
  • Introspective Noir
  • African and African Diaspora Art
  • Your Trip To Africa
  • The Adventures of Bibi & Friends Exhibition
  • Dunns-Josephine Hotel Tour & Wine Tasting
  • Good Bread Alley
  • Soul Basel 2021 Open Air Art Village & Exhibition
  • In Motion: The African American Migration Experience
  • Our Voice Matters
  • Point Comfort Art Fair and Show
  • The Urban Experience
  • The 5th Annual Art, Blues & Soul Festival
  • Le Art Noir, Diversity in Color
  • Art Of Her: A Journey Into The Mind of a Woman
  • I Love You In My Silence - A Zeek Mathias Film
  • MUCE Arts & Culture Festival
  • 9th Annual Umbrellas of Little Havana Art Festival
  • AfriKin Art Fair 2021: The Fire Next Time
  • We Are Who We Are
  • Afro Frequencies at ARTECHOUSE Miami
  • Celebration of Josephine Baker
  • Casting Shadows | Framing History
  • Miami Art Week Kick-off Art Talk + Open Spin
  • Opa-locka Light District Walking Tour
  • The Sagamore Hotel
  • Giralda Plaza
  • Flagler Street Art Festival
  • Adrienne Arsht Center
  • Boulud Sud
  • 7 Spices
  • Osteria Del Teatro
  • RWSB
  • Tony Chan's Water Club
  • Semilla French Bistro & Wine Bar
  • The River Miami
  • MIA Market
  • Meet Dalia Miami
  • Abbalé Telavivian Kitchen
  • DOYA
Time Space Existence Exhibit at MCAD - Miami Center for Architecture and Design

Must See Art Submissions

We are thrilled to have Miami Art Week back and in full swing. The excitement during the first week of December revolving around art fairs, local events, parties, and so much more… was so greatly missed in 2020. We are so happy to be getting back to “normal”. (When have art-lovers ever craved normalcy before?!)

This year’s selected work is all about engagement and narrative. Much of it chooses familiar themes and forms and asks the viewer to bring their history, knowledge and intellect to look at them in new ways.

The idea that every picture tells a story is intrinsic to this work as the artists draw us in and pose many questions through twists on both visual image and technique. When taking in a piece of art visually, intellectually, emotionally… we get a personal glimpse into the artist’s soul. It is an intimate experience even if the particular piece you are viewing isn’t one you would hang on your wall. We revel in the creativity and concept that is before us, try to understand the message we are being sent and the media used. At the same time, the realization that our own knowledge and experiences of the world are informing our reaction allows engagement on a deeper level. Will that make you question the work, the artist or your own reaction? All to the good.

Miami Art Week offers us an opportunity to experience art on many levels. We hope you are as excited as we are. Be sure to use our interactive map to navigate art week like a pro. Happy Artweeking!

Swimsuit Party by Artist Orit Fuchs

Swimsuit Party

Artist: Orit Fuchs

Presenting Art Fair: Art Miami

Size: Series of 9 Pieces Total. 57" x 200"

Medium: Acrylic On Canvas

Style: Contemporary

Price: $10,000 - $15,000 Each Piece

Presenting Gallery: Maune Contemporary

At first glance the work of Orit Fuchs draws the viewer in through a visual language that looks familiar. We engage in her narrative through a composition that is large enough in scale that it cannot be taken in quickly, so that it takes a moment to realize that there are more questions than answers here. Through her thorough understanding of pop culture and the “norms” of viewing the female image, she subverts the male gaze. While it is unclear whether this is one woman, a sequence, or what the context of the action is, one thing is clear; these women are comfortable in their own skin and don’t really care who sees it.

Frida Rose by Artist Rosen and Micha Kuechenhoff

Frida Rose

Artist: Rosen and Micha Kuechenhoff

Presenting Art Fair: Spectrum Miami

Size: 23" x 30"

Medium: Mixed Media

Style: Pop Art

Price: $4,500

Presenting Gallery: ARTNWORDZ

For so many, anything “Frida” is a Must-See and this work is no exception. Rosen and Kuechenoff combine the visual and the verbal not only to make you look twice, but to make you look longer by engaging in the print behind the image. By carefully juxtaposing this aging, but carefully chosen page from a damaged antique dictionary with a painterly image, they create layers of meaning that relate to Frida’s life. Physical damage, intellect and creativity are transformed into carefully crafted and thought provoking art.

Pool Made with Paper and Blue Ink for Book, 1980 by Artist David Hockney

Pool Made with Paper and Blue Ink for Book, 1980

Artist: David Hockney

Presenting Art Fair: INK Miami

Size: 10.5" x 9"

Medium: Lithograph in Colors, on Arches Cover Paper

Style: Contemporary

Price: N/A

Presenting Gallery: Upsilon Gallery

Another iconic work- a David Hockney swimming pool. So why is this one important? Just as Hockney’s paintings have gorgeous surfaces that take full advantage of the qualities of the medium, this piece takes full advantage of the lithographic process. With loose but deft strokes of the drawing tool, we are treated to a feeling of the drawing surface. With his usual exploration of color, he allows us to see the layers created through the ink as they build a rich image.

Shear by Artist Kelly Reemsten


Artist: Kelly Reemtsen

Presenting Art Fair: INK Miami

Size: 22" x 22.5"

Medium: Copperplate Photogravure with Aquatint & Screenprint

Style: Printmaking

Price: $3,200

Presenting Gallery: Flying Horse Editions

While Reemtsem is better known for her paintings, engaging strong brushstrokes and painterly surfaces, her usual subject matter examines the roles of women and their engagement with daily objects in ways that point out the absurdities of generally held notions of appropriateness. This piece is no exception—feminine color and clothing combined with a very aggressive looking tool held in a casual, but slightly threatening pose. The limited color and flat surface invoke the visual sensibilities of magazine advertising that was instrumental in creating the stereotypes that the artist loves to critique.

Pulse by Artist Alia Ali


Artist: Alia Ali

Presenting Art Fair: SCOPE Art Show

Size: N/A

Medium: Photography

Style: N/A

Price: N/A

Presenting Gallery: 193 Gallery

Alia Ali is a Yemeni-Bosnian-American artist based in Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Marrakech. She has lived all over the world and speaks five languages, but has clear command of the visual. She has created work in film, video and installation, but it is her photography that can be the most thought provoking. This is an example of many portraits with this loaded visual style. Visually commanding through the use of color, pattern and fabric, it challenges ideas of identity, borders and control on an abstract level, before engaging the cultural, political and gender implications brought to bear by the viewer.



Artist: Jackie Fuchs

Presenting Art Fair: Red Dot Miami

Size: 30" x 40" x 1.5"

Medium: Mixed Media

Style: Contemporary

Price: $5,500

Presenting Gallery: Studio Jackie

Jackie Fuchs’ art has been described as “freezing a frame” and that it does, but so much more. Her highly stylized and personal visual vocabulary also evokes a stage set with a play in the midst of development. There is a story here, character interacting - is there more beyond the door, up the stairs or is that where it stops? What is this space intended to be, with its signifiers of office, gallery and home? The title, 2022, also adds meaning and significance, looking forward to a future of casual meetings and people and pets coming and going. Fuchs brings her wealth of art, design and style training to this piece with intriguing results.

Happy Mood by Artist Snoopy Tag

Happy Mood

Artist: Snoopy Tag

Presenting Art Fair: Art Beat Miami

Size: 20" x 20"

Medium: Digital Art

Style: Original

Price: $300

Presenting Gallery: Art Beat Miami

If you have not been to the Art Beat Miami Fair, you need to go. This piece by the Haitian graffiti artist who goes by Snoopy Tag, takes all the nonstop energy and love of color that infuses his art to a new level of complexity. The digital media used here allows a layering of image and idea that explores the whole idea of happy, not to mention smile, that infuses his work.

Sol LeWitt's Dog by Artist Eric Ginsburg

Sol LeWitt's Dog

Artist: Eric Ginsburg

Presenting Art Fair: Fridge Art Fair

Size: 8" x 10"

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Style: Whimsical

Price: N/A

Presenting Gallery: N/A

The Fridge Art Fair famously had its farewell tour in 2019, but it is back. Having the distinction of being founded by an artist, Eric Ginsburg, as opposed to dealers, it is small, quirky and features artist interventions as well a selection of Eric’s well-known pet portraits. He is also known for benefitting from the patronage of conceptual artist Sol LeWitt, whose dog he really did paint (pictured).

Art Selection by Rosanne Gibel

Rosanne Gibel holds a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Florida Atlantic University. After many years of teaching art and design history, she is currently a member of the CultureOwl staff. During the course of her career, she has presented her unique views on history and symbolism at academic conferences internationally. Gibel has served as a Department Chair and faculty member at International Fine Arts College and the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and as Chair of the Education Committee for the College Art Association. She is currently on the Board of the Arts and Business Council of Miami.

Celebrate Art of Black in Greater Miami & Miami Beach

Featured Artists

Featured Artist Orit Fuchs - SGIATH Series - Oil & Acrylic on Canvas
SGIATH Series - Oil & Acrylic on Canvas
Featured Artist Orit Fuchs - Vivid Series - Oil & Acrylic on Canvas
Vivid Series - Oil & Acrylic on Canvas

Orit Fuchs

Interpretation of Contemporary Culture

Orit Fuchs– an artist, a storyteller with a deep, pure, and unquenchable appetite for artistic self-expression. Her medium spans the gamut - sculptures, painting, typography, illustration, knitting, photography and more – whatever works best to bring her vision to life. Fuchs has a firm grasp on pop culture and gender roles in contemporary society, which serve as a familiar backdrop against which her imagination unfurls. Her understanding of the human psyche and her fierce talent morph into moving work that takes place somewhere in between fiction and reality, capturing glimpses from wondrous perspectives.

The most central theme in her art is the female image and the various forms it can take in modern society. Her female characters are imbued with the full spectrum of human emotion and state of mind.

This year, she is presenting a 'swimsuit party' series depicting a(n) (orgy) party in 9 original paintings, staying true to her signature vibrancy and contemporary edginess. (see image #1 in our Must See Art selection above).

For more information, visit:

Featured Artist Ted VanCleave

Ted VanCleave

Drape & Amoeba Sculpture Series

VanCleave's new Drape & Amoebas sculptures series is a fusion of fluid and organic shapes bathed in bold colors. The medium is leather as it's never been experienced before. Each piece is a meditation in form and every angle is a different story. The flow, the folds, the peaks and valleys plus bold metallic finishes make them endlessly interesting, adding new energy to any space. VanCleave's sculptures are in the permanent collection of the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation of Beverly Hills and have been exhibited at the Salvador Dali Museum. During Art Basel / Miami Art Week VanCleave's new Drape and Amoeba sculptures may be viewed at his solo exhibition at the Red Dot art fair in Wynwood, Miami December 1-5th. Space R108.

In conjunction with the Red Dot art fair during Art Basel Week in Miami,Ted is giving away 10 Amoeba sculptures to ten people who sign up here for his monthly newsletter. The drawing for winners will take place on Dec 10th and winners will be announced on his Instagram page (@tedvancleave) and via email to the winners. The deadline to enter is Dec 7th at midnight. One entry per person. Use the QR code or visit

Sign Up to Win!

Win an Amoeba Sculpture!

Ted VanCleave Contest QR Code

Red Dot Logo

Participating Fairs 2021

Art Basel Miami Beach

Wednesday, Dec 2, 2pm - 8pm
General Admission:
Thursday, Dec 2, 11pm - 7pm
Friday, Dec 3, 11am - 7pm
Saturday, Dec 4, 11am - 6pm
Tickets-available Online Only:
One Day Ticket: $65
Evening Ticket(entry after 5PM) $50
Student/Senior/Miami Beach Residents $50
Premium Card (includes all days and Verinssage) $500

Art Beat Miami

Dec 1 - 5
Admission varies by show

Art Miami

First VIP Access:
Tuesday, Nov 30, 4:30pm - 6:30pm
VIP Access:
Tuesday, Nov 30, 6:30pm - 10pm
General Admission:
Wednesday, Dec 1, 11am - 7pm
Thursday, Dec 2, 11am - 7pm
Friday, Dec 3, 11am - 7pm
Saturday, Dec 4, 11am - 7pm
Sunday, Dec 5, 11am - 6pm
Student / Senior: $35
One Day Ticket: $55
Multi-Day Ticket: $100
VIP ticket: $275

Context Art Miami

First VIP Access:
Tuesday, Nov 30, 4:30pm - 6:30pm
VIP Access:
Tuesday, Nov 30, 6:30pm - 10pm
General Admission:
Wednesday, Dec 1, 11am - 7pm
Thursday, Dec 2, 11am - 7pm
Friday, Dec 3, 11am - 7pm
Saturday, Dec 4, 11am - 7pm
Sunday, Dec 5, 11am - 6pm
Student / Senior: $35
One Day Ticket: $55
Multi-Day Ticket: $100
VIP Ticket: $275

Design Miami

First VIP Access:
Tuesday, Nov 30, 11am - 1pm
VIP Access:
Tuesday, Nov 30, 2pm - 7pm
Wednesday, Dec 1, 10am – 12pm
General Admission:
Wednesday, Dec 1, 12pm - 8pm
Thursday, Dec 2, 11am - 8pm
Friday, Dec 3, 12pm - 8pm
Saturday, Dec 4, 12pm - 8pm
Sunday, Dec 5, 12pm - 6pm
Tickets are Exclusively Available Online.:
One Day Ticket: $35
Group (10 or more) $29
Vip Ticket $112.50

Fridge Art Fair

Nov 29 - Dec 4, 12:30pm - 6:30pm
By Donation

Ink Miami Art Fair

Wednesday, Dec 1, 10am - 4pm
Thursday, Dec 2, 10am - 8pm
Friday, Dec 3, 10am - 8pm
Saturday, Dec 4, 10am - 8pm
Sunday, Dec 5, 10am - 3pm

Miami River Art Fair

VIP Access: By Invitation Only
Thursday, Dec 2, 6pm - 12am
By Appointment 4-6pm

Nada Art Fair

VIP Access:
Wednesday, Dec 1, 10am - 2pm
Opening Preview by Invitation:
Thursday, Dec 2, 12 - 2pm
General Admission:
Thursday, Dec 2, 2pm - 8pm
Friday, Dec 3, 11am - 7pm
Saturday, Dec 4, 11am - 7pm
One Day Ticket: $50
Senior / Student Ticket: $35

Pinta Miami

EFG Preview: (by invitation only)
Tuesday, Nov 30, 6pm - 9pm
Vernissage: (by invitation only)
Wednesday, Dec 1, 5pm - 9pm
General Admission:
Thursday, Dec 2: 11am - 8pm
Friday, Dec 3: 11am - 8pm
Saturday, Dec 4: 11am - 8pm
Sunday, Dec 5: 11am - 6pm
One Day Ticket: $25 - $35
Multi-day ticket: $80 - $120

Red Dot Miami

VIP/Press Access:
Wednesday, Dec 1, 5pm - 6pm
Opening Night Preview:
Wednesday, Dec 1, 6pm - 9pm
General Admission:
Thursday, Dec 2, 12pm - 8pm
Friday, Dec 3, 12pm - 8pm
Saturday, Dec 4, 12pm - 8pm
Sunday, Dec 4, 12pm - 6pm
One Day Ticket: $25
Multi-Day Ticket: $75
Open Night Preview: $50
Student/Senior Ticket: $20
Children (15 & Under): Free

Satellite Art Show

Press Preview:
Tuesday, Nov 30, 3pm - 10pm
VIP Access:
Wednesday, Dec 1, 2pm – 10pm
General Admission:
Thursday, Dec 2, 2pm - 10pm
Friday, Dec 3, 2pm - 10pm
Saturday, Dec 4, 2pm - 10pm
One Day Ticket: $32
Multi-Day Pass: $76.80

Scope Miami Beach

Platinum First View:
Tuesday, Nov 30, 12pm - 4pm
VIP Access:
Tuesday, Nov 30, 4pm - 8pm
General Admission:
Dec 1 - 5, 11am - 8pm
One Day Ticket: $40
Multi-Day Ticket: $150
Platinum Ticket: $200
VIP Ticket: $150

Spectrum Miami

VIP/Press Access:
Wednesday, Dec 1, 5pm - 6pm
Opening Night Preview:
Wednesday, Dec 1, 6pm - 9pm
General Admission:
Thursday, Dec 2, 12pm - 8pm
Friday, Dec 3, 12pm - 8pm
Saturday, Dec 4, 12pm - 8pm
Sunday, Dec 4, 12pm - 6pm
One Day Ticket: $25
Multi-Day Ticket: $75
Open Night Preview: $50
Student/Senior Ticket: $20
Children (15 & Under): Free

Virtual Fairs 2021

Contemporary &
Digital Art Fair

Opening Party:
Thursday, Dec 5, 6pm - 10pm
General Admission:
Friday, Dec 6, 12am - 9pm
Saturday, Dec 7, 12pm - 9pm
Sunday, Dec 8, 12pm - 5pm
Opening Party: $15
One Day Ticket: $15
Multi-Day Ticket: $25

Prizm Art Fair

Nov 10 - Dec 19, 10am - 6pm
Times vary by event
Prices vary by event

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